Practice Areas

Appeals and Appellate Attorneys

Appeals are vital to our justice system. The process allows litigants the opportunity to question the results, findings and decisions of a court case. You may have been unsuccessful in a lower court trial and wish for a higher court to review the case. You may now be fighting the other party’s challenge. The Little Rock, Arkansas, law firm of William G. Almand, P.A. can help. Our legal team is experienced in the appellate process and can provide aggressive effective legal representation.

Commercial Litigation

You are in business to make money. Legal matters often appear unexpectedly. Business law issues and questions that are not resolved can grow from small distractions into the destruction of your enterprise. In the business world, you need to have an attorney to call upon for help.

Construction Law and Litigation

Even though construction has slowed in Arkansas and across the country, home and business owners, builders, contractors and subcontractors know the need for remodeling and for new buildings remains. If you or your business has a need for construction law contact William Almand today.

Consumer Protection

Regardless the reason you might find yourself in the position of the possible need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, we provide experienced assistance to ease the burden of being overloaded with debt and help you get relief through either Consumer Protection or Bankruptcy and starting over. Our legal team is here to review your individual needs and offer the best possible solution to your financial situation. Most people assume their only option is Bankruptcy, that is not always the case. Contact us today so we may get you started back on the road to financial recovery.

Family Law

We work closely with men and women at all stages of a contested or uncontested divorce, handling all matters, including: Child custody and parenting plans, Child support, Spousal support or alimony, Property settlements.

Real Estate Litigation

If you have applied for a Loan Modification Agreement, paid your money and been “accepted” only to find out later you are declared in “default,” you should contact an Attorney immediately. Our Attorneys are representing people in danger of losing their homes, due to the negligence, fault and sometimes outright fraud (including mail fraud and wire fraud) of National Mortgage Companies.

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