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Real Estate Attorney

At the Law Firm of William G. Almand, P.A., we handle a lot of real estate property issues. Our real estate attorney is versed in representing property owners, management companies, and other parties in transactional and litigation matters, among others. We provided determined and dogged advocacy in a wide range of real estate law disputes and ensured the resolution of each case cost-effectively, reducing time and expenses spent by our clients. Nonetheless, we are always prepared for litigation as the need arises.

The scope of our real estate law practice includes sales and acquisitions, mortgage lending and financing, boundary disputes, real estate transactions and financing, mortgage foreclosure, human rights, construction law, appellate litigation, co-op and condo conversions, land use, zoning, and environmental law, negotiation of leases, project negotiation, rental agreements, loft law, and landlord-tenant disputes, to name a few. With several years of experience, we have handled almost every likely case under real estate law. We are willing to do the necessary research and knowledge quest to suit the peculiarities of your case. We believe that the end goal for most cases in real estate law disputes is a settlement, ensuring the least amount of time and finances. Hence, our attorney is an effective negotiator with a track record of closing multiple deals and is available for mediation and arbitration.

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