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Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Apart from setting up trusts, there is no other way to avoid the problems that come with wills and probate courts. Trust litigation can occur for various reasons, and it is crucial to understand the underlying effects of its proceeds. What matters to us is understanding how to avoid problems and disputes in the first place and knowing what rights you have and can protect with the assistance of our trust litigation attorney.

We assist you in outlining the requirements for establishing trusts as an asset owner or guarantor to ensure proper distribution to loved ones and designated parties at specific times.

We help you identify pointers to revocable trusts while we continually expand on situations that might warrant an irrevocable trust. We know that issues can arise between parties entitled to receive money or assets and those who control them, and we stand in the gap between the two.

Have you observed that certain duties have not been performed in functionality, such as breach of fiduciary duty where you feel your guarantee is not making a sound financial decision, violation of prudent investor laws, or valuation disputes?

We have developed strong attorney-client relationships over the years. Attorney here is skilled in enhancing communication with clients, litigating efficiently and effectively, problem-solving, developing factual and legal defenses for complex scientific and technical issues, minimizing the cost of managing information, and proffering solutions for complex legal matters.

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