Don't Get Wrapped Up in a Drawn-Out Legal Dispute

Don't Get Wrapped Up in a Drawn-Out Legal Dispute

Find out what a civil litigation attorney in Little Rock, AR can do for you

When you're facing civil or commercial disputes, you can't afford to let things drag on. You need to work with a law firm that can resolve matters without delay. William G. Almand, P.A. is that firm. We offer a variety of civil and commercial litigation services, including contract dispute resolution. You can trust attorney William G. "Gregg" Almand to do everything in his power to resolve your dispute quickly.

Call 501-219-8500 now to speak with an experienced commercial and civil litigation attorney in Little Rock, AR. You can schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

When should you hire a litigation attorney?

Gregg has over 30 years of experience working as a civil and commercial litigation attorney in the Little Rock, AR area. Not sure whether you really need to hire a lawyer? You should consider working with a commercial or civil litigation attorney if:

  • You've been sued or want to sue another person
  • You've tried to resolve the dispute on your own without success
  • You're losing money because of a dispute
  • Your business is in jeopardy because of a dispute


To get help from an experienced civil and commercial litigation attorney, reach out to Gregg Almand today. He'll work hard to give you the guidance you need.