Consumer Protection

Guiding Clients From Debt to Relief Through Consumer Protection or Bankruptcy

At William G Almand, PA, we understand:

  • Your Credit Problems May Not be Your Fault
  • You May Have Limited Options
  • Your Need to Protect Your Family
  • YOU want to retake control of YOUR money
  • You want to be protected as a Consumer Bankruptcy

We are here to ease your financial worries and help you find the best solution and financial relief.

We Can Assist Stopping Foreclosures on your home.

We Can Assist Stopping Repossessions of your property.

We Can Assist Stopping Garnishments of your paycheck and bank accounts.

Consumer Protection and Bankruptcy are often the result of events that are beyond anyone’s control:

  • Plant closings
  • Part time work
  • Sudden illness of you or a family member
  • Lay offs, slow down in the economy
  • Serious personal injuries

Most of our clients never thought they would need us.  Many have exhausted their financial resources including their savings and/or retirement accounts before calling for assistance.  Do not let this happen to you. There is no need to wait before taking control of your life again.

Bankruptcy may offer you a second chance after credit card debt became unmanageable, house payments became outside your salary range, car payments became unaffordable or gambling debts gotten out of control.

We Understand and We Know How to Help.

Regardless the reason you might find yourself in the position of the possible need to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, we provide experienced assistance to ease the burden of being overloaded with debt and help you get relief through either Consumer Protection or Bankruptcy and starting over.   Our legal team is here to review your individual needs and offer the best possible solution to your financial situation.  Most people assume their only option is Bankruptcy, that is not always the case. Contact us today so we may get you started back on the road to financial recovery.

We are a debt relief agency helping people file for relief as designated by the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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