William G. Almand

Hello, I am William G. “Gregg” Almand the founding member of William G. Almand, P.A.. I am an attorney who protects the rights of consumers, children, small business owners and anyone  whose rights are violated by those who abuse power in Government or Corporations. I believe  everyone deserves justice in an often unjust world. My professionalism never waivers, nor does my good humor.

I earned my B.A. in Communications at North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) in 1978. After working at Radio and Television stations in Dallas, I moved to Little Rock where I earned my Juris Doctorate at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law (now the Bowen School of Law) in 1986 and immediately passed the bar examination. I was appointed a clerkship with Judge David Bogard, a Circuit Judge in Pulaski County, where I was able to work with attorneys in a wide variety of cases from the judge’s point of view. I have been a member of several law firms over the years beginning with Hartsfield, Almand and Grisham; then Hartsfield, Almand and Denison; and now with William G. Almand, P.A.

I enjoying working with complicated and challenging cases, think well on my feet, conduct careful research of the law, and approach opposing counsel with vigor. My areas of practice include but are not limited to real estate law, construction law, business law, litigation, family law, trust and estate administration, probate litigation and administration, guardianship, and family law.

Significant cases:

Personal Bio: I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated high school there in 1974. I went to North Texas State University as music major, playing mostly woodwinds, primarily the saxophone. I soon realized that my passions lay elsewhere, and I switched to a Communications-Radio, Television, and Film major. My first job out of college was at WFAA (Radio and Television), and at KLIP/KPLX in Dallas, Texas. In 1980, the Savings & Loan crisis devastated commercial real estate projects. The radio and television market in Texas was affected by that, and I came to Little Rock to find a job in radio or television. I worked at KLAZ, KOKY, and KXLR as news director for a couple of years and decided it was time to go to law school.

I became a lawyer because my mother said I argued so much that I ought to be a lawyer, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. There are a lot of lawyers in my family, and it seemed a logical choice. I have always wanted to protect people, especially children, from being abused by others, including corporations, government, or organizations. I am called to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and it is my personal mission to give justice where it is deserved. I cannot tolerate people who abuse power.

What I like most about the law is that everyone’s case is different. It’s mentally challenging. Each case is a mental chess game and full of unique challenges. I can help people solve problems they cannot solve on their own.

My most rewarding case was representing a widow in a home construction case in which the contractor stole all of her money. The contractor told me, “Sue me and I’ll file bankruptcy.” I responded, “File bankruptcy and I’ll sue you.” He did file bankruptcy, and I did sue him. We got an exception to the bankruptcy and won the case. The widow got her house built.

My opponents describe me as tough, but fair.

My favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys, but I really love watching college athletics. They are way more fun to watch than professional athletics, personally.
I most treasure our family. My wonderful wife and I have two fabulous girls and I wouldn’t trade our relationships for anything in the world.

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